Limn Gallery was established with 5 main values at heart.

1. To celebrate art and art projects.

2. To Give back to the community.

3. To support New Zealand artists.

4. To inspire.

5. To be happy.

Gallery Director, Matt Heath, started Limn Gallery with the sole purpose of doing what he loves - getting people excited and passionate about art - colour, composition, concept, and everything that goes with it.

"I love to see people's eyes light up as I talk to them about the art and the artists. I love watching their perspective change on a piece, and the process of them looking deeper and deeper into the detail. They start to understand colour and composition with every passing second. They start to appreciate the piece. It begins to mean something to them. I really enjoy this process - it's how I feel and it's what drives me to continue. I wish for everyone to have this experience when they visit the gallery."

Limn Gallery brings together a collection of local and international prints, originals, and sculptures/luxury collectibles in an environment that is friendly, inviting, and fun.