BE@RBRICK - Keith Haring #1 Super Metal Alloy

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Keith Haring #1 - Alloy metal die-cast figure with movable limbs.

A unique, timeless collectible trademarked & licensed by the Estate of Keith Haring. The partnered collectible reveals the late iconic artist’s signature 1980s artwork wrapping the figure in its entirety. Housed in a unique Haring collectors box. Released in 2019 by MediCom, this 200% figure is made of alloy metal and measures 14.4cm tall. 

Size: 14.4cm

The first BE@RBRICK was birthed by MediCom Toy in Japan in 2001, and no one could have anticipated the subsequent impact it would have on popular culture. The bear-like figure has attracted an impressive array of star-studded collabs, which bridges streetwear, fashion and art in a colourful flurry of desirable collectibles, and it has moved into art galleries as well as the homes of A-list celebrities. BE@RBRICKS are collectable figures comprised of nine parts — a head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs with joints that can move, which come in a range of materials and sizes. The figures are sold in series with two drops a year, with the series in turn consisting of four types (basic, standard, artist and secret.) The standard category can be further sub-divided into different recurring themes, and each BE@RBRICK series and theme also has its own level of rarity. Adding to this the fact that the standard figures are sold in blind boxes, collecting a whole set becomes really tricky.