Blek le Rat  - The Warrior

Blek le Rat - The Warrior

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This beautifully framed 2018 limited edition print by Blek le Rat titled 'The Warrior' is a high quality 4-colour screenprint on 300gsm Arches paper.  The print features one of Blek's signature rats holding a gun with a blue flower in the end of it. The print has been framed nicely in an ornate black frame and set behind Ultra-View non-reflective glass. Signed & numbered. Edition of 300. Comes with COA.

Size: 630 x 690mm

Blek le Rat is a Pioneering French graffiti artist, and is widely recognised as one of the godfather’s of the European street art movement. Using stencils instead of stylised lettering for graffiti, Blek le Rat was one of the first true street artists. During Blek’s career, his art prints have become more and more political, focusing on the homeless, the environment, and other social causes. Blek le Rat has inspired hundreds of artists around the world – including the famous Banksy.