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Dorwae - Mediah

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This framed 2019 limited edition print by Mediah (Evond Blake) titled 'Dorwae' is a dual pass giclee, acrylic and ink on 300gsm fine art paper. One of a kind original hybrid artwork - 1 of 1.


Framed size: 750 x 600mm


The 2019 COLLECTION explores the merging of traditional painting with graphically processed digital imaging. Throughout the creation of this series MEDIAH experimented heavily with GPU rendered watercolour painting, high definition ink sets and metallic pigments to create natural washes and bleeds of colour. The result is his signature dynamic work controlled by a softer and more gentle watercolour aesthetic.

Evond Blake is a Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked under the pseudonym MEDIAH for 24 years. ­ An Internationally renowned visual artist, MEDIAH is a trendsetter sparking new ideas and originality by blurring the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction. Blake’s work consists of weaving traditional street art forms with traditional painterly techniques and mixed media printmaking using many forms and approaches found in digital art and design. Heavily inspired by avionics, mechanical engineering and schematics, the artwork glorifies and captures the essence of speed, motion, dynamism and force to create movement on the image surface. Blake’s work provides the viewer with not only this glorification of speed relating to the thirst for a faster and more streamline world but also its unavoidable repercussions of collision, disaster and chaos. MEDIAH has been featured in solo and group exhibitions and has been commissioned to paint large-scale murals in cities all over North America, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and Barbados. He is part of CBS- Can't Be Stopped, one of the most prolific and respected international graffiti labels based out of Los Angeles.