Turntables original painting Weston Frizzell Limn Gallery

Weston Frizzell - Turntables

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This original 2017 artwork by Weston Frizzell titled 'Turntables' is a Gordan Walter's style remix of DJ's decks, painted with alkyd and enamel on hard board. One of a kind original artwork signed and dated by artist.

Size: 500 x 2000mm


Weston Frizzell is the collaborative identity of artists Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston. Successful and frequently controversial, the “high performance art partnership” has its roots in the street art and pop culture melting pot of Auckland’s K’ Rd, and takes a production-line approach to producing painted one off and edition works, and a series of hit edition prints.

Subversively oblivious to conventional notions of authorship or originality, the work is informed by dada, hip-hop, situationism, graffiti art and techno. By applying sampling, cutup and remix techniques to the creative process, Weston Frizzell manipulate appropriated subject matter to create slick, accessible and edgy work with tight production values.