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BE@RBRICK - Van Gogh Museum (Sun Flowers)

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Dubbed “Van Gogh Museum,” the figures come in sizes of 100%, 400%, and see a glossy finish over a bevy of details. Burnished hazel tones complement the calm hues of the yellow sunflower petals repeated all throughout the piece, covering every surface of the figures from the tips of their ears to the bottom of their feet. “Vincent” is scrawled diagonally on the back of the BE@RBRICKs in a typeface that loosely mimics Van Gogh’s iconic signature. Finishing off the pieces, the bottom right leg is stamped with “Van Gogh Museum,” while the left is graced with the official trademark of the artwork.


Size: 7cm and 28cm

The first BE@RBRICK was birthed by MediCom Toy in Japan in 2001, and no one could have anticipated the subsequent impact it would have on popular culture. The bear-like figure has attracted an impressive array of star-studded collabs, which bridges streetwear, fashion and art in a colourful flurry of desirable collectibles, and it has moved into art galleries as well as the homes of A-list celebrities. BE@RBRICKS are collectable figures comprised of nine parts — a head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs with joints that can move, which come in a range of materials and sizes. The figures are sold in series with two drops a year, with the series in turn consisting of four types (basic, standard, artist and secret.) The standard category can be further sub-divided into different recurring themes, and each BE@RBRICK series and theme also has its own level of rarity. Adding to this the fact that the standard figures are sold in blind boxes, collecting a whole set becomes really tricky.