Giving Back

Gallery Director, Matt Heath, and the team at Limn Gallery, believe in giving back to the causes they, and the artists, believe in. 5% of profits from all gallery/pop-up event sales are split among 3 of our selected charities - with the split determined by the community.

At each of our events we give gallery/pop-up visitors the opportunity to vote for the charity of their choice. This is in the form of a coloured token in a box, a dot of paint on a canvas, or a piece of lego stuck to a base-plate. At Limn Gallery we love the idea of creating art with your heart, and that's what this initiative is all about. 

Our 3 selected charities are:

- NZ Forest & Bird

- Starship Foundation

- Rainbow Youth

Since Limn Gallery began we have donated thousands to these charities and intend to continue these relationships on an ongoing basis - fueling good through creativity. 

Limn Gallery supporting Forest & Bird | Urban Art GalleryLimn Gallery supporting Rainbow Youth | Urban Art Gallery NZLimn Gallery supporting Starship Foundation | Urban Art Gallery NZ